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Abigail Daker

I love the attention to detail in this map by Abigail Daker, I assume that it must be huge and she must have an unbelievable amount of patience. For more illustrated map goodness, check out this great one of Reykjavik’s centre. (more…)

Alejandro Durán — Washed Up Project

Washed Up Project is the latest project from Alejandro Durán. (more…)

Tuomas Korpi


Tuomas Korpi is a Finnish artist, born on October 18th, 1985 and who currently lives in Espoo, Finland. He studied art at the Espoo School of Art and the Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts and currently he is following the classes of Architecture at the Helsinki University of Technology. Tuomas Korpi works as a freelance artist, but also with Piñata and has experience in the computer games industry and marketing and advertising industry. (more…)

Vladimir Kush


Vladimir Kush is a Russian-born surrealist painter and sculptor, although he prefers to refer to his art as metaphorical realism. (more…)

Katrina Andry

These days you don’t see enough printmaking in galleries. You may see a silkscreen here or there but when was the last time you saw some wood block prints that are 3×4 feet? I’m glad to know that Katrina Andry is not only making interesting work using this old school art making tradition but is also raising the bar by going big. (more…)

Web design by Earph


Earph Interactive is a creative agency where everything is unique and nothing is impossible.
Located in Austin, Texas, specializing in clean, attractive, user friendly Web design & development. (more…)

llustrations by Abbey Watkins


Just about to enter her 3rd year of Textile Design for a Fashion degree at Manchester Metropolitan University 21-year-old Abbey Watkins, is busy with school, illustrating and her blog Tobacco and Leather. Not a bad combination of chores if you ask me. Abbey’s goal is to finish up with her school and head to London for a year or two to study construction. (more…)

Jacub Gagnon

wpid-14-2011-04-25-07-37.jpgToronto-based artist Jacub Gagnon is known for his whimsical and clever paintings. His characters are often enveloped in darkness, save for a beam of light that brightly shines upon them. Recently he’s painted string that attaches from animals to objects. These strings are meant to make connections and create relationships that would normally not exist. (more…)


wpid-tumblr_lgl2rihlrb1qbbx6jo1_500-2011-04-25-07-37.jpg (more…)

Pat Perry


These are some sketches from Pat Perry (more…)

Guillermo Rigattieri


Artist Guillermo Rigattieri originally hails from San Rafael, Mendosa, Argentina. Rigattieri’s metal sculptures are in private collections all over the world, such as Spain, Italy, Chile, USA, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, Brazil, Africa, Canada, France, UK, and Ireland. (more…)

Peter Opheim


Peter Opheim’s paintings could have easily gone into the decorative/cute realm but the paint handling and bizarre figurative abstractions keep these paintings fresh, unlabored, and playful (more…)


wpid-42_africanpinocchio2web-2011-04-24-11-33.jpgWonderful, unique work in a variety of media by artist Andreco. (more…)

Doug McAbee


Doug McAbee’s sculptures look like something Alexander Calder would make if he had a better sense of humor. (more…)

Camilla D’errico

Paintings by Camilla d’Errico. (more…)

Rosa Ruey

Rosa Ruey creates colorful, whimsical paintings that are busy but busy in a good way. You can feel the movement and the criss-crossing of the elements. (more…)

Thea Wolfe

Paintings by Thea Wolfe. (more…)

Sean Luhring

wpid-5510405513_83cec4b98c_z-2011-04-16-21-11.jpg (more…)

The 100 Worlds Project

wpid-mir2-2011-04-16-19-30.jpg (more…)

Guerra de la Paz


Guerra de la Paz is a Cuban duo consisting of creative and Neraldo Alain Guerra de la Paz. Working together since 1996 and over the years have created several projects from used clothing and rags. The result of their work – based on a combination of traditional and experimental disciplines – sculpture takes the form of vibrant color and expressive power, which go back to the politics of modern conflict, consumerism and the symbols of faith (more…)

Ron Gilad

wpid-gilad-mirror-10-2011-04-16-19-30.jpg (more…)

Theo Altenberg


Paintings by Theo Altenberg. (more…)

Sam Green


Sam Green’s portfolio of drawings are full of fluid movement, interesting perspectives, and realistic rendering mixed with just the right amount of abstraction. He’s worked for a wide variety of clients creating images for everything from brochures to animations for a giant Zeotrope (more…)

Gregor Gaida


I love these brutal figurative sculptures by German artist Gregor Gaida. Amazing forms and texture! (more…)

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dalí, was a prominent Spanish surrealist painter born in Figueres. (more…)

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