Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

Sam Green


Sam Green’s portfolio of drawings are full of fluid movement, interesting perspectives, and realistic rendering mixed with just the right amount of abstraction. He’s worked for a wide variety of clients creating images for everything from brochures to animations for a giant Zeotropewpid-angel-a_final2_640-2011-04-16-19-30.jpgwpid-test-4_640-2011-04-16-19-30.jpgwpid-web-2011-04-16-19-30.jpgwpid-surfacing-3-c-web-2011-04-16-19-30.jpgwpid-sg_front_whiteweb-2011-04-16-19-30.jpgwpid-lores-2011-04-16-19-30.jpgwpid-annisa-final-2011-04-16-19-30.jpg


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