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House M by Jun Igarashi

Located in the center of Hokkaido, House M, designed by Jun Igarashi, is a minimalist beauty with clean, streamlined elements throughout its interior and exterior. There is an exhilaration of simple, modern elements that define the home’s unique characteristics, including the way in which the architect separated the space to increase privacy. (more…)

Photographer Matt Lambros

What is it about abandoned places that draws our interest and opens our imaginations? An empty, disused building simply seems to beckon passers-by, tempting us to step inside and take a look at what happens to structures once humans leave them behind. Photographer Matt Lambros heeds that call, exploring and photographing these mysterious empty spaces. His incredible photographs express all of the history, loneliness and hope that are inherent in abandoned places. (more…)

Beautiful Plexiglass House

wpid-stainglass_house_03-2011-04-16-21-08.jpg“Kolonihavehus” is a colorful outdoor sculpture by Tom Fruin. (more…)

An NYC Home with a Steel Slide by Turett Collaborative Architects

How do you combine two penthouse condos together? With a slide, of course.
Turett Collaborative Architects (TCA) met the challenge of a NYC East Village client who wanted to connect the interior of two newly constructed penthouse condos in a fun way — with a slide. (more…)

M2 Metro Station

Here are a few photographs of the M2 Metro Station in Lausanne, Switzerland by Bernard Tschumi Architects, 2008. Above the green roof in the photos at top and bottom is the Interface Flon Railway and Metro Station (2001), also by Tschumi. A predecessor to these two projects is his Bridge City (1988) proposal for the area. Photos are by asli aydin.wpid-5030431191_1591b5272c-2011-04-9-02-01.jpg (more…)

TDA House

Cadaval & Solà-Morales designed this home to withstand the saltwater air and take advantage of the views in a coastal Mexican town. (more…)

Brian Parillo

Taking a cinematic approach, Brian Parillo finds incredible amounts of character in Los Angeles. Shooting at abstract angles, he directs our eyes to captivating geometric shapes. When he shoots up from the ground and into the sky, he gives us a sense of scale, showing us just how magnificent modern architecture can be. (more…)

Guangzhou Opera House

Southern China’s largest city, Guangzhou, is seeing its status as a cultural hub cemented with the opening of the breathtaking Guangzhou Opera House by famed architect Zaha Hadid. Shaped to resemble two boulders on the bank of the Pearl River, this amorphous yet geometric structure includes a 1,800 seat theater and a 400-seat hall as well as rehearsal space and an entrance hall. (more…)

Redding Residence by Kendle Design Collaborative


This home by Kendle Design Collaborative blends so well with its surrounding of the Arizona desert thanks, in part, to the smart color palette used. The copper roof and concrete structure merge well with the sandy terrain. The water feature cools down the desert heat while providing sound and reflection. The living/eating area opens to the outside via a huge glass wall. (more…)

The Museum of the Moving Image


Much attention on the design, here and elsewhere, has focused on the triangular metal panels of the rear addition, but it’s clear from a visit on the occasion of a press preview that it’s all about the interior. (more…)

Small Atelier and Guest House by C. F. Møller Architects


This Atelier and Guest House is the home of architect and partner in C. F. Møller Architects, Mads Møller. Originally 1969 and enlarged over the years with many additions, the latest extension includes an atelier and a guest house. (more…)

Photographer Stephane Suisse

wpid-a8f65d8ff50ba11cb544ef59fdba718b-2011-02-27-20-51.jpg (more…)

David Trautrimas

The Canadian artist David Trautrimas, fascinated by the culture ofsci-fi movies and old 50’s, use mechanical parts of objectsrecovered from old kitchens, refrigerators and washing machines to create striking landscape architectural taste techno-retro. Here are some images taken from his latest production, entitled: The Spyfrost Project and Habitat Machines. (more…)

A Rolling Master Plan

Imagine a city in motion, where not a single building is anchored to the ground, with hotels, event halls and other structures all on rails and movable at will. That’s the vision behind ‘A Rolling Master Plan‘, a concept for the Norwegian city of Andalsnes by Swedish architects Jägnefält Milton. Both existing and new railway systems would be used to reconfigure the town for seasonal changes and special events. (more…)

Modern Australian Beach House


If I lived in the Australian Outback, I’d want to live in a house like this. Designed by Melbourne-based architectural practice BKK, the Corinella House is a 220 acre sheep farm that sits on a peninsula in Victoria, Australia’s Weternport Bay (more…)

Photographer Julian Faulhaber

wpid-julian-faulhaber_01-2011-01-23-04-17.jpg (more…)

Inspiration – Architecture



Inspiration – Interior Design



The Moebius House


The Moebius House is a project by Tony Owen Partners, a firm that believe in a ‘realizable architecture’ that challenges the norm. (more…)

Brentwood Residence in Los Angeles


The Brentwood Residence is a project by Belzberg Architects. This house is awesome.
Clean, simple, beautiful…it has every element I love. (more…)

The House That Grew From Solid Water


It may not be by the beach, but it looks like it’s growing from solid water. The living room itself has water walls. (more…)

Bookcase Wall House


Located in Sao Paolo, Brazil, this three-story modern house is beautiful on the outside but take a look inside and you’re guaranteed to fall in love. Architect Alvaro Puntoni created a free wall that is able to hold 7,500 books! Metal platforms were built in so that the owners can access their beloved books. (more…)

The Best of Architecture in 2010

Vodaphone Headquarters by Barbosa Guimarães



Sea House Holman


“Holman House” is located in Sydney, Australia, and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. A modern face of a cliff 70 meters with an impressive opening to the skyline. A wonderful creation of Australian architectural firm Durbach Block. (more…)

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