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Jacub Gagnon

wpid-14-2011-04-25-07-37.jpgToronto-based artist Jacub Gagnon is known for his whimsical and clever paintings. His characters are often enveloped in darkness, save for a beam of light that brightly shines upon them. Recently he’s painted string that attaches from animals to objects. These strings are meant to make connections and create relationships that would normally not exist. (more…)


wpid-tumblr_lgl2rihlrb1qbbx6jo1_500-2011-04-25-07-37.jpg (more…)

Pat Perry


These are some sketches from Pat Perry (more…)

Guillermo Rigattieri


Artist Guillermo Rigattieri originally hails from San Rafael, Mendosa, Argentina. Rigattieri’s metal sculptures are in private collections all over the world, such as Spain, Italy, Chile, USA, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, Brazil, Africa, Canada, France, UK, and Ireland. (more…)

Peter Opheim


Peter Opheim’s paintings could have easily gone into the decorative/cute realm but the paint handling and bizarre figurative abstractions keep these paintings fresh, unlabored, and playful (more…)


wpid-42_africanpinocchio2web-2011-04-24-11-33.jpgWonderful, unique work in a variety of media by artist Andreco. (more…)

Doug McAbee


Doug McAbee’s sculptures look like something Alexander Calder would make if he had a better sense of humor. (more…)

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