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Michelle Armas


Michelle Armas is going in a new direction with her paintings and I like it. (more…)

Kristine Moran

Paintings by Kristine Moran. (more…)

Steve Roden

Paintings by Steve Roden. (more…)

Alex Griffin

wpid-7e6beeae6e_eight_hundred-2011-04-9-02-02.jpgAlex Griffin sent in his application for initiation into The Cult Of Decay a few weeks back and after some paperwork, secret handshake training, and cult training he has been happily approved. Take a look at Alex’s paintWelcome to the cult Alex! (more…)

Amy Boone-McCreesh

wpid-39032-2011-04-9-02-02.jpeg (more…)

James Jean


James Jean is probably one of the few artists that has emerged out of the illustration/street art/comic book world who is successfully transitioning into the fine art community. His upcoming show at Martha Otero gallery is sure to a smash hit with the lush painting, rich subject matter, and amazing sense of color. (more…)

street art by Escif

wpid-escif_03-2011-04-9-02-01.jpgThe creative street art of Escif. (more…)

Urban Art by Phlegm

wpid-phlegm5-2011-04-9-02-01.jpgPhlegm is a a urban/comic artist based in Sheffield, UK. “The name phlegm came from one of the four bodily humours in ancient Greek medicine, blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm. Phlegm was believed to be responsible for an apathetic and unemotional temperament.”
His comic, also titled “Phlegm”, contains his pen and ink illustrations, cartoons, and spraypaint work found in the streets. “The work is intricate, often surreal, but most of the time it looks like a mad person has been locked in a room for years with no company but a bottle of Indian ink and a scratchy nib….because that’s precisely what it is.” (more…)

Sculptures by Laurent Craste

Montreal based sculptor Laurent Craste creates very unusual sculptures. While creating them Laurent transforms the act of destruction to the act of creation. His beautiful sculptures from porcelain, knives, axes and a bit were done by hand, without the use of forms. All the deformation of vessels he does before sending them into the oven. Take a look at his art works and tell us what do you think about such form of art. (more…)

Susanna Majuri

wpid-susannamajuri21-550x387-2011-04-4-01-34.jpg (more…)

The Bubble Series


Melvin Sokolsky for Harper’s Bazar, 1963. Yes, 1963, can you believe it? (more…)

Sophia Miroedova

wpid-tumblr_lgd33kcvik1qbbx6jo1_500-2011-04-4-01-13.jpg (more…)

Darren Booth

wpid-tumblr_lglzdvuvvn1qbbx6jo1_500-2011-04-4-01-13.jpg (more…)

Hodnebo of Norway

wpid-tumblr_lgd1z92vx41qbqxup-2011-04-4-01-13.jpg (more…)

Daniel James Diggle

wpid-danieldiggle10-2011-04-4-01-13.jpgDaniel James Diggle is an illustrator and designer based in London. He is a member of the Keystone Design Union and the KDU Core. He also runs the illustration collaboration site Wolfbite together with fellow illustrator Jessica Allan. (more…)

Gerald Collings’ Meat Faces Of Death

Gerald Collings‘ paintings are  a perfect mix between Francis Bacon and your local butcher shop. These layered paintings look like they have been to hell and back. With images of skinned faces, torn apart rib cages, and bodies in various states of decay, they have become the ultimate test for how grotesque an image can be while still remaining a rich and seductive work of art. (more…)

Michal Maciej Bartosik


Michal Maciej Bartosik has created two new floating compression lights that are based on two of Kenneth Snelson‘s sculptures:  ‘Needle Tower’ and ‘City Boots’.
Utilizing Snelson’s structural discovery, appropriated and popularized by Buckminster Fuller as “Tensegrity,” Bartosik proposes new possibilities of light forms, whereby the light source and its electrical wire work mutually in compression and tension to produce a seemingly discontinuous field of light defined by it structural (more…)

Diego Bellorin

wpid-vc4-2011-04-4-01-12.jpg (more…)

Chris Piascik

wpid-pia9-2011-04-4-01-12.jpg (more…)

Andy Gilmore

wpid-gil8-2011-04-4-01-12.jpg (more…)

Adrian Dutt

wpid-thismodernlove-2011-04-4-01-12.jpgFantastic work by English illustrator Adrian Dutt. They feature exceptionally beautiful, detailed line work and a wonderful (slightly twisted) sense of humor. (more…)

Michael Willis

Exciting illustrations by graphic designer and illustrator Michael Willis. I love color palate and use of texture! (more…)

Branden Koch


Branden Koch’s paintings are mysterious narratives that take place in lushly painted worlds full of dark secrets, hibernating bats, dark secrets, and exotic plants (more…)

John Kissick


John Kissick’s paintings are a colorful explosion of abstract patterns, forms, thick paint, and gooey textures. Kind of like a  Piñata filled with paint. (more…)

Kim Simonsson

wpid-5443018733_941cffec3f-2011-03-19-23-20.jpg (more…)

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