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Adna Chaise by David Weeks Studio

The Adna Chaise from David Weeks Studio has an unruly base of bare wood paired with a sleek, sophisticated upholstered seat, which creates a nice juxtaposition (more…)

Sara Haraigue

wpid-img_2011_01_24_022-2011-07-10-06-07.jpg (more…)

Cubico Table

The Cubico table by Alessandro Di Prisco has one of my favorite features — nooks and crannies. I love anything that has special spots for books and magazines, such as the Lost in Sofa or the Applied Literature Table. (more…)

Twister Restaurant


Twister is a newly opened restaurant in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Drawing inspiration from the upward pull of a tornado, designers Sergey Makhno and Vasily Butenko created a two-story dining area that hovers above the floor on super-slim legs, complete with light fixtures that resemble rain drops. At the bar area, you’ll feel like your hanging out in a bird’s nest, as the walls are covered with thatched sticks, and the cushy seats look like clumped together pine cones. (more…)

Saira McLaren

wpid-seeker-2011-05-4-17-25.jpgwpid-dream_man-2011-05-4-17-25.jpg (more…)

Maxwell Loren Holyoke Hirsch

wpid-tumblr_l68tme20rr1qzukrho1_500-2011-05-4-17-25.jpg (more…)

Photgrapher Mike Burdon


Photography Portfolio by Mike Burdon, a Photographer from Spain.
Macro photography allows us an insight into a dimension which is often overlooked and taken for granted, a world where boundaries are only limited by imagination. (more…)

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