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Adna Chaise by David Weeks Studio

The Adna Chaise from David Weeks Studio has an unruly base of bare wood paired with a sleek, sophisticated upholstered seat, which creates a nice juxtaposition (more…)

Sara Haraigue

wpid-img_2011_01_24_022-2011-07-10-06-07.jpg (more…)

Cubico Table

The Cubico table by Alessandro Di Prisco has one of my favorite features — nooks and crannies. I love anything that has special spots for books and magazines, such as the Lost in Sofa or the Applied Literature Table. (more…)

Twister Restaurant


Twister is a newly opened restaurant in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Drawing inspiration from the upward pull of a tornado, designers Sergey Makhno and Vasily Butenko created a two-story dining area that hovers above the floor on super-slim legs, complete with light fixtures that resemble rain drops. At the bar area, you’ll feel like your hanging out in a bird’s nest, as the walls are covered with thatched sticks, and the cushy seats look like clumped together pine cones. (more…)

Saira McLaren

wpid-seeker-2011-05-4-17-25.jpgwpid-dream_man-2011-05-4-17-25.jpg (more…)

Maxwell Loren Holyoke Hirsch

wpid-tumblr_l68tme20rr1qzukrho1_500-2011-05-4-17-25.jpg (more…)

Photgrapher Mike Burdon


Photography Portfolio by Mike Burdon, a Photographer from Spain.
Macro photography allows us an insight into a dimension which is often overlooked and taken for granted, a world where boundaries are only limited by imagination. (more…)

Jonny Wan

Fantastic vector work by Jonny Wan, UK. His incredible detailed illustrations are simply stunning. (more…)

House M by Jun Igarashi

Located in the center of Hokkaido, House M, designed by Jun Igarashi, is a minimalist beauty with clean, streamlined elements throughout its interior and exterior. There is an exhilaration of simple, modern elements that define the home’s unique characteristics, including the way in which the architect separated the space to increase privacy. (more…)

Le Corbusier LC2 Armchair

The original LC furniture range by Le Corbusier, whose actual name is Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, was a system of furniture co-designed with his cousins Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand in 1928. The tubular steel furniture projected a new rationalist aesthetic that came to epitomize the International Style. The original LC2 Grand Comfort is in the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art. (more…)

Illustrations made from a Variety of Materials


Mariah is an illustrator from Canada. She graduated from the Illustration Program at Sheridan College, and also studied Visual Art at the University of Victoria. (more…)

Pixel Seating

Pixel is a new seating system from Not Tom, a small newish London-based design studio.
Based on the LCD pixel, this upholstered bench can be used in commercial spaces like reception areas and can be assembled in a variety of configurations. Because it is supported by a steel frame, it is visually light yet sturdy. (more…)

Roll & Mix

Roll & Mix is a multifunctional kitchen roller that splits in two, designed by Marcial Ahsayane of Ahsayane Studio, based in Brussels.
Each half has a different function: one is an oil bottle and the other one is a mortar for grind and mix. Both ends can be threaded together to be used as a roller, therefore performing three functions in one. (more…)

Fashion by Daniel Widrig and Iris van Herpen

London-based architect Daniel Widrig and Sutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen first collaborated at Amsterdam Fashion Week in 2010 on a collection called Crystallization (above) — a fashion collection of 3D-printed dresses. Escapism is the continuation of this collaboration and launched at Paris Fashion week earlier this year. (more…)

Lianna Sheppard

wpid-lianna-sheppard-1-600x528-2011-04-16-19-30.jpgLianna Sheppard, a graduate of MA in fashion at Kingston University, is a talented young designer who is part of the new line of those who play with space, beyond the clothes .. Lianna is an obsession of the triangle and has a vivid imagination when it comes to playing with the hybrid spaces and three dimensions. Inspired by mathematical models and fractional forms, his master’s project is a collection or series of portable 3D structures. Transforming parts by using several means: the play of light, motion model, structure and color, but also through the use of magnets to link the parts to be worn in several ways different on the body (more…)

An NYC Home with a Steel Slide by Turett Collaborative Architects

How do you combine two penthouse condos together? With a slide, of course.
Turett Collaborative Architects (TCA) met the challenge of a NYC East Village client who wanted to connect the interior of two newly constructed penthouse condos in a fun way — with a slide. (more…)

Mike Lythgoe

wpid-mufc-2011-04-11-01-00.jpgI absolutely love the stuff illustrator and designer Mike Lythgoe is making; it’s lavish and dreamy and somehow clean and meticulous at the same time. (more…)

Inodoro Design

Inodoro Design is a collective based in Cebu City, Philippines that cranks out bold design, packaging, illustration, and web related projects. (more…)

Project by HHD_FUN

In collaboration with Aaajiao (Xu Wenkai), HHD_FUN created a temporary, interactive installation. (more…)

M2 Metro Station

Here are a few photographs of the M2 Metro Station in Lausanne, Switzerland by Bernard Tschumi Architects, 2008. Above the green roof in the photos at top and bottom is the Interface Flon Railway and Metro Station (2001), also by Tschumi. A predecessor to these two projects is his Bridge City (1988) proposal for the area. Photos are by asli aydin.wpid-5030431191_1591b5272c-2011-04-9-02-01.jpg (more…)

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You may notice my lack of new posts. I have a lot of work lately and wordpress ( my blog) is time consuming.  My Tumblr blog is a really a form of “fast food” of what I post here. I do not want to abandon this platform so if any of you would like to co-autor this blog, I would really appreciate that.

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Rogério Puhl

Very nice illustrations by Rogério Puhl, Brasil. Love his sense of detail and his use of colours (more…)

Ben Reubold

wpid-ben-reubold-2-2011-04-4-01-19.jpgBen Reubold has awesome motions and illustrations under the hood. (more…)


Signapore based awesome design studio Kittozutto (Behance) have been recently updated with new works. Worth to see and enjoy (more…)

Star Wars polygones version

Illustrations of Star Wars version of polygons with Darth Vader, C3PO, Boba Fett and a Storm Trooper, created by artist Liam Brazier. Very nice! (more…)

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