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The 100 Worlds Project

wpid-mir2-2011-04-16-19-30.jpg (more…)

Daniel Lumbini


Paintings by Daniel Lumbini (more…)

Ana Teresa Fernandez – Revisited


All of the oil paintings by Ana Teresa Fernandez are focused around females. Women are seen performing menial daily tasks such as mopping, sweeping and ironing within these pieces. (more…)

Wendy MacNaughton


Wendy MacNaughton has one of those art portfolios that take you to another time and place. Suddenly you find yourself sitting in a strange subway, surrounded by strangers, asking yourself what their interesting stories might be. Her ink and watercolor drawings bring out their unique and mysterious personalities or as she says, their “quirks” and “anxieties,” yet above all she wants you to feel their isolation “despite their proximity to others.” (more…)

Clemens Behr


Various works by Clemens Behr. (more…)

Radford Wallis


How to divide a huge industrial space in four distinct areas, maintaining the open space? Radford Wallis, found this funny and original solution, using four huge stationery items – a pair of scissors, a tape, a highlighter and a meter – each of which defines an area with a long section of the building.


Kenny Random


Kenny Random is a Padova, Italy-based street artist who creates silhouette-style men that looks like they’re living inside city walls! Don’t think that they’re unhappy. Rather, they seems quite content, even enjoying their urban surroundings (more…)

Chien-Yang Wang (NSFW)

wpid-chien-yang-wang05-2011-03-10-20-10.jpgA series of creative images taken from House, the latest project of Chinese photographer Wang Chien-Yang. (more…)

Leonid Afremov


Leonid Afremov (born 1955) is a Belarusian painter. His paintings are often vividly-coloured landscapes, cityscapes and figures, and are typically painted using a palette knife and oil paint. (more…)

Olivier Ratsi

wpid-sanyo-v2-16galerie-2011-03-10-09-19.jpgFrench artist Olivier Ratsi’s alterations of high rise structures reexamines ideas of preception and deconstructs the familiar. (more…)

Dianne Harris

wpid-dianneharris1-2011-03-10-08-32.jpgSt. Martin’s School of Art graduate Dianne Harris turned heads at the 2011 Kinetica Art Fair with her neon works: Caduceus, E=MConsciousness2 and Eternally Yours. She specializes in producing, constructing and photographing environments. The Kinetica Art Fair is a London exhibition dedicated to bringing kinetic, electronic and technological art to the public. (more…)

Claire Pestaille

wpid-clairepestaille11-2011-03-10-08-31.jpgArtist Claire Pestaille creates photo-based collage works that are mesmerizing to the eyes. The way she rearranges little sections of the photos really enhances the original image. (more…)

Rub Kandy


The wide open spaces on the outskirts of Rome and abandoned industrial sites, are the theater of the works of Mimmo Rubino, aka Rub Kandy. Simple white paint, optical illusions and prospective mechanisms are the ingredients that create a series of stunning anamorphic pictures, striking for their originality and effectiveness. (more…)

Illlustrator Tomer Hanuka

wpid-tomerhanuka01-2011-03-9-08-36.jpgIsraeli-born illustrator Tomer Hanuka creates incredibly interesting scenes. His stories are told not just by the expressions on his characters’ faces but by the beautiful colors he chooses and the mysterious shadows he casts. His passion for drawing emerged at a young age, when he fell in love with American comic books. He found them “mysterious and majestic, an unreachable light in a faraway land, and more beautiful and exciting than anything around.” (more…)

Four Yip

wpid-5488987184_931ae0ca19-2011-03-8-10-31.jpg (more…)

Ekta’s Heads

Ekta’s simple yet elegant portraits are a great example of what can happen when careful color selection, refined composition, and carefully selected patterning come together to make an image. (more…)

The Met Museum Remembers McQueen


Beginning May 4th, the Metropolitan Museum in New York will commemorate the remarkable fashion career of Alexander McQueen with the exhibition Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty. It will highlight his significant contribution to the world of fashion from his postgraduate collection in 1992 to his final runway presentation after his death in February 2010. 100 pieces of work will be displayed. (more…)

Fredrik Raddum

wpid-fredrik-raddum01-2011-03-7-08-43.jpgFredrik Raddum is an interesting artist and sculptor based in Oslo. His photographs show a grotesque and macabre situations “uncomfortable. ” Sculptures made of polyester, full of humor and creativity, which is a world in which everything goes wrong and every situation presents a new problem. (more…)

Stephanie Kao


Stephanie Kao is a Philadelphia based designer and illustrator whose talents range from digital collage to fashion design. (more…)

Michelle Thompson


Michelle Thompson is an English illustrator. Hers works are a combination of traditional techniques of collage and digital technology. Defines her creations a “digital collage and handmade. ” Michelle boasts partnerships with influential designers such as Vaughan Oliver. Among his clients include Royal Mail, BBC, Reebok, Penguin Books, The Guardian (more…)

Nathalie Miebach


Nathalie Miebach’s works brings together science and art by using meteorological and oceanic data as a launching pad for her sculptures, installations, and wall works. (more…)

Gwen Van Den Eijnde

Photos documenting a performance piece by artist Gwen Van Den Eijnde. (more…)

Wild Creatures in Urban Mexico: New Street Art by ROA

wpid-roa-mexico-street-art-2-2011-03-5-07-06.jpg (more…)

Street Art Characters


Most people would never look twice at an old, decrepit wall but then again artist Richard Vermaak isn’t like most people. He sees these eroded surfaces as his blank canvas and that inspires him with ideas. (more…)

Angela Fraleigh

wpid-the-story-she-told-from-that-time-on640-2011-03-4-12-21.jpgAbstraction and figuration fuse into one in Angela Fraleigh’s fluid paintings. Hands, hair, and thick paint morph, blend, and merge into one another to create rich surfaces full of color, form, and mysterious narrative. (more…)

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