Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

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The 100 Worlds Project

wpid-mir2-2011-04-16-19-30.jpg (more…)

Daniel Lumbini


Paintings by Daniel Lumbini (more…)

Ana Teresa Fernandez – Revisited


All of the oil paintings by Ana Teresa Fernandez are focused around females. Women are seen performing menial daily tasks such as mopping, sweeping and ironing within these pieces. (more…)

Wendy MacNaughton


Wendy MacNaughton has one of those art portfolios that take you to another time and place. Suddenly you find yourself sitting in a strange subway, surrounded by strangers, asking yourself what their interesting stories might be. Her ink and watercolor drawings bring out their unique and mysterious personalities or as she says, their “quirks” and “anxieties,” yet above all she wants you to feel their isolation “despite their proximity to others.” (more…)

Clemens Behr


Various works by Clemens Behr. (more…)

Radford Wallis


How to divide a huge industrial space in four distinct areas, maintaining the open space? Radford Wallis, found this funny and original solution, using four huge stationery items – a pair of scissors, a tape, a highlighter and a meter – each of which defines an area with a long section of the building.


Kenny Random


Kenny Random is a Padova, Italy-based street artist who creates silhouette-style men that looks like they’re living inside city walls! Don’t think that they’re unhappy. Rather, they seems quite content, even enjoying their urban surroundings (more…)

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