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Portraits Made of Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables

As a perfect mix of fun and creativity, photographer Klaus Enrique Gerdes creates a series of portraits made of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. (more…)

Sony’s World Photography Awards

wpid-sonycompetition1-2011-05-4-17-18.jpg (more…)

Kevin Van Aelst


A beautiful series of photographs and works by American photographer Kevin Van Aelst that transforms everyday objects into visual explorations and concepts (more…)

Ethan Park


Ethan Park (@ Ethanissweet) – well-known designer and artist who lives and works in London – using food, clothing, wood, metal or plastic, to create typography in unusual contexts. In addition to seeing his plans published in numerous journals, has recently worked on the rebranding campaign of 1861 United signed SKY. (more…)

Leonardo Fabris


Lotto is a photography project for women, made ​​by photographer Leonardo Fabris. Eight girls are depicted without clothes all in the same pose in an intimate setting. The choice of serial allows you to undo any superstructure so that it remains as the only window on the personality of the subjects that really counts: the expression on their faces. These young Italian women who carry a wide variety of activities in the life: no matter what their profession or their role in society, because it is being itself that exposes women to the difficult challenges in daily testify. (more…)

“Barking Wall” by Brendan George Ko.

wpid-brendangeorgeko_04-2011-04-16-21-08.jpg (more…)

Beautiful Plexiglass House

wpid-stainglass_house_03-2011-04-16-21-08.jpg“Kolonihavehus” is a colorful outdoor sculpture by Tom Fruin. (more…)

Gabriela Herman


The tenants of the big house on the network – the Bloggers – immortalized by the French photographer Gabriela Herman. A peek into the inner world and the real intent of some American bloggers writing in the darkness of their room. The popular virtual items show their face in honor of readers around the world. (more…)

Infrared Photography

wpid-ir-moon-2011-04-11-01-00.jpgNormal black-and-white photographs can bestow their subjects with a moody atmosphere, but the infrared version of the craft would do even Tim Burton’s fairytale landscapes proud.  Here we have a watchful cat sitting regally in one picture while a walk in the woods is spiced up in the others. The tree root (bottom right) is highlighted perfectly within the blue-green grass.
Wonder and enchantment are two words that spring to mind when viewing the world through an infrared lens.  Whatever your personal photography taste, there’s no question that infrared imagery spices up bland everyday life with a touch of the serene, and the surreal. (more…)

Wataru Yoshida

wpid-wataru-yoshida-2011-04-4-01-33.jpgWataru Yoshida, a young Japanese graphic designer, his recent work entitled “Composition of Mammals, ” is on the bodies of mammals, their bone structure. This series of illustrations showing the complex structure of the body, making visible what is hidden to the human eye. (more…)



While waiting for the redesign of the site, Ricardo Alexandre designer and art director of the famous Portuguese collective MusaCollective, sent me a long series of brilliant projects developed by MusaWorkLab over the last year. (more…)



A session of make-up as a tribute to typography. A beautiful collection of posters created by Raúl González Ismael García Del Pomar and study Spanish atypical. (more…)

Radford Wallis


How to divide a huge industrial space in four distinct areas, maintaining the open space? Radford Wallis, found this funny and original solution, using four huge stationery items – a pair of scissors, a tape, a highlighter and a meter – each of which defines an area with a long section of the building.


Leo Caillard

wpid-leocaillard1-2011-03-11-10-19.jpgLeo Caillard isn’t interested in rules or logic. The Frenchman sees the world in a fascinating, surreal way, and has the amazing ability to show us his visions through these incredible photo manipulations. (more…)

The Met Museum Remembers McQueen


Beginning May 4th, the Metropolitan Museum in New York will commemorate the remarkable fashion career of Alexander McQueen with the exhibition Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty. It will highlight his significant contribution to the world of fashion from his postgraduate collection in 1992 to his final runway presentation after his death in February 2010. 100 pieces of work will be displayed. (more…)

Inspiration – Photography #7

wpid-lauren-randolph-2011-03-1-04-43.jpeg (more…)

Inspiration – Vector



wpid-inspiration_rp064q0emq-2011-03-1-04-43.jpg (more…)

Inspiration – Mixed #3

wpid-tumblr_lci2xkiyfr1qazmvvo1_500-2011-02-27-22-16.jpeg (more…)

Dan Mountford

wpid-capturadeecracc83-2010-12-102c15-07-03-2011-02-27-21-50.png (more…)

Illustrations By: Sergey Ryzhov

wpid-993411238357490-2011-02-18-08-01.jpeg (more…)

Digital Photo By: Alberto Seveso

wpid-569201273105821-2011-02-15-19-25.jpeg (more…)

Inspiration – Illustrations


wpid-tumblr_ldb762tybu1qfuq7eo1_500-2011-02-14-17-26.jpeg (more…)

Ryan Alexander



Amazing Type Faces – Typographic Portraits


Typography is not just about choosing a nice typeface, actually it’s much more than that, it’s how we arrange the types in the layout choosing the right size, weight and type of font to transmit the message in the easiest and more understandable way. (more…)

Inspiration – Photography #7



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