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David Trautrimas

The Canadian artist David Trautrimas, fascinated by the culture ofsci-fi movies and old 50’s, use mechanical parts of objectsrecovered from old kitchens, refrigerators and washing machines to create striking landscape architectural taste techno-retro. Here are some images taken from his latest production, entitled: The Spyfrost Project and Habitat Machines. (more…)

Kevin Francis Gray

wpid-kevinfrancisgray01-2011-01-15-15-23.jpeg (more…)

Mia Pearlman


The American artist Mia Pearlman succeeds in giving shape to sculpting paper site-specificinstallations that hover like mist in the room. White strands that climb thewalls and blossom in the light of a window. (more…)

Simone Lourenço



Alejandro Almanza Pereda



Pascal Blanché


Art Director at Ubisoft Canada, Pascal Blanche.  Is one of the most respected 3D artists of our day. His way of modeling, the uniqueness of individuals and the original use of color make it one of my favorite CG artist.Among the latest projects in the field of Video Games, the making of the game James Cameron’s Avatar. (more…)

Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor


Imagine an alternate ending in which Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma and the Big Bad Wolf join forces to create an army of scarecrows made from sewing scraps of “civilized” world, and you have an idea of what is capable of transmitting Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor with his anthropomorphic sculptures without a name. (more…)

Sayaka Kajita Ganz

wpid-www-sayakaganz-2011-01-1-23-39.jpeg (more…)

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