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Nishio Yasuyuki


I’m loving Nishio Yasuyuki’s massive sculptures of women. They are bizarre grotesque shrines to to horror films and nightmarish manga stories. (more…)

Kris Kuksi

wpid-5369281807_832515108c_b-2011-03-8-10-18.jpg (more…)

Fredrik Raddum

wpid-fredrik-raddum01-2011-03-7-08-43.jpgFredrik Raddum is an interesting artist and sculptor based in Oslo. His photographs show a grotesque and macabre situations “uncomfortable. ” Sculptures made of polyester, full of humor and creativity, which is a world in which everything goes wrong and every situation presents a new problem. (more…)

Nathalie Miebach


Nathalie Miebach’s works brings together science and art by using meteorological and oceanic data as a launching pad for her sculptures, installations, and wall works. (more…)

Sonja Vordermaier

wpid-sonjavordermaier_08-2011-03-2-07-07.jpg (more…)

Johannes VanDerBeek’s Hippie Ghosts


Johannes VanDerBeek doesn’t depend on high production or heavy handed techniques to create his work. Instead he creates playful sculptures with simple materials like aluminum mesh, tin cans, and some well placed tie dye wizardry. The above piece entitled Hippie Ghost (more…)

Ben F Carney’s Alternate World


In Ben F Carney’s digital world objects fly through your body, gravity takes its toll in unperdictable ways, and human skin can be strectched, torn, pulled, and bent in every which way possible (more…)

Todd McLellan

It is often very easy to take for granted the complexities of everyday objects that surround us. With its deconstructions, Todd McLellan,reminds us how even the most seemingly anonymous objects canbe surprising. After graduating in 2002 in Alberta, today carries on business in Toronto as part of the collective Sugino. (more…)

Anna Wili Highfield

More and more artists use this natural and versatile material (Paper). Anna Wili Highfield is one of those. Her sculptures in natural theme representing birds, horses and cattle, front style and elegance, while keeping an idea of the outline and indefinite. (more…)

Bernard Pras


The anamorphic sculptures made of items recycled by the French artist Bernard Pras. Born in 1952 in Roumazieres and graduated in Toulouse, from the early nineties begins to produce a series of portraits, decipherable only by a precise distance and angle (more…)

Artist Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy


Artist Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy asks you to reflect on the loss of a loved one with her creative sculpture series Empreinte. She cut and stitched a real pillow, and then cast it with plaster to make a mold for the ceramic piece. She also used a wool sweater and covered it with resin to make it look stiff and hollow inside. From sketch to final execution, these pieces took her a month to complete. (more…)

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