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Leo Caillard

wpid-leocaillard1-2011-03-11-10-19.jpgLeo Caillard isn’t interested in rules or logic. The Frenchman sees the world in a fascinating, surreal way, and has the amazing ability to show us his visions through these incredible photo manipulations. (more…)

Olivier Ratsi

wpid-sanyo-v2-16galerie-2011-03-10-09-19.jpgFrench artist Olivier Ratsi’s alterations of high rise structures reexamines ideas of preception and deconstructs the familiar. (more…)

Dan Tobin Smith


Famous for his recent personal project “letters in space” and for his collaboration with the famous rapper Jay-Z, Dan Tobin Smith is now one of the leading players in the photographic world. What you see below are some of the shots taken from his portfolio. (more…)

Dimitri Daniloff



Dan Mountford

wpid-capturadeecracc83-2010-12-102c15-07-03-2011-02-27-21-50.png (more…)

Digital Art By: Cristiano Siqueira



Photomanipulations By: David Waters

wpid-575861207427208-2011-02-17-00-56.jpg (more…)

Digital Photo By: Alberto Seveso

wpid-569201273105821-2011-02-15-19-25.jpeg (more…)

Artist David Fuhrer

wpid-c2529055c8a5e9ad3b679dfbbb2b329b-2011-02-15-19-25.jpg (more…)



Born in Breslau (Poland) Sebastian Onufszak is a German-Polish illustrator, designer and director. (more…)


wpid-972511237561451-2011-02-12-16-17.jpeg (more…)

Everything is A OK By: Mezzetty

wpid-937891240314016-2011-02-12-16-17.jpeg (more…)




Justin Maller

wpid-justinmaller01-2011-01-15-15-17.jpeg (more…)

Angles And Gravity by Ivo Mayir


Ivo Mayir is a German photographer who plays with angles and gravity.
The work that I highlight here is a series of images called “Passanten” , where Ivo has an artistic test of the German city Koblenz using the two most important things in location, architecture and people. Basically it would stop people on the street and photographed unglued from the floor, as if hanging or floating. (more…)

Telling a lie . ..


wpid-7_erase-plus-ps-bg-2011-01-4-00-01.jpgThe students from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design where assigned to TELL A LIE USING CAMERAS

Henry Hadlow’s work is my favorite. .. this work was done in 2008 (more…)


wpid-index-2011-01-1-23-39.jpeg (more…)

Photo Manipulations by Jericó Santander


Digital Skin by Benjamin Delacour



Sleep Elevations by Maia Flore

wpid-5_sleepelevations01-2010-12-4-05-13-2010-12-29-23-22.jpg (more…)

Ghosts of Amsterdam


Though there’s no doubt in my mind that historical consultant Jo Teeuwisse was inspired by Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov’s World War II photos, we can still appreciate her own spin. After discovering some negatives at a flea market and scanning them onto her computer, Teeuwisse then went to each of these Amsterdam locations to take more recent shots. She then merged the two together to make the past come alive. It’s a wonderful way to pay tribute to our past and remember the ones who came before us. (more…)

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