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Industrial Scars

wpid-j-henryfairenvironmentalscars1-2011-07-11-06-36.jpgEnvironmental activist J Henry Fair took these colorful aerial shots of Industrial Scars with the hope that we would understand our role in this mess that we’ve caused and that, ultimately, we’d want to make a difference. (more…)

Portraits Made of Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables

As a perfect mix of fun and creativity, photographer Klaus Enrique Gerdes creates a series of portraits made of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. (more…)

Photgrapher Mikko Lagerstedt

wpid-mikko_08-2011-03-15-17-03.jpgBeautiful landscape photography by Mikko Lagerstedt. (more…)

Caryn Drexl


Photographs by Caryn Drexl (more…)

Bird by Andrew Zuckerman


Renowned photographer Andrew Zuckerman travelled across four countries over a year to photograph the 74 birds which feature in his book, Bird. Using a mobile studio with a huge white background, New Yorker Zuckerman, 32, caught his feathery subjects with a high-definition camera as bird handlers coaxed them in front of his lens (more…)





Peter Orntoft

wpid-peterorntoft01-2011-03-12-12-05.jpgThe Danish designer Peter Orntoft has developed an interesting visual system that uses high-impact photographs to create infographics taste clean and simple. The project entitled Infographics in context, illustrated with pictures of the views of the Danish population on some important topics of interest. (more…)

Michael Kenna


Michael Kenna’s work has often been described as enigmatic, graceful and hauntingly beautiful much like the Japanese landscape. Kenna first visited Japan in 1987 for a one-person exhibition and was utterly seduced by the country’s terrain. Over the years he has traveled throughout almost the entire country constantly taking photographs. From these many treks the book Japan, featuring 95 of these photographs, was conceived. (more…)

Tina Patn

wpid-tinapatni9-2011-03-12-11-42.jpgFashion photographer Tina Patni shoots Dima, Yana, Arleta, Julie and other models as real-life puppets for the Diva Models Calendar. (more…)

360 Degree Panorama Man


Chris Kotsiopoulos’ takes amazing 360 degree panoramas of the sky. For some of these photos, he shoots for an entire 24 hour period just to capture one scene! (more…)

Leo Caillard

wpid-leocaillard1-2011-03-11-10-19.jpgLeo Caillard isn’t interested in rules or logic. The Frenchman sees the world in a fascinating, surreal way, and has the amazing ability to show us his visions through these incredible photo manipulations. (more…)

Photographer Canan Çengel

wpid-img_5978-2011-03-11-10-18.jpg (more…)

Chien-Yang Wang (NSFW)

wpid-chien-yang-wang05-2011-03-10-20-10.jpgA series of creative images taken from House, the latest project of Chinese photographer Wang Chien-Yang. (more…)

Claire Pestaille

wpid-clairepestaille11-2011-03-10-08-31.jpgArtist Claire Pestaille creates photo-based collage works that are mesmerizing to the eyes. The way she rearranges little sections of the photos really enhances the original image. (more…)

Rub Kandy


The wide open spaces on the outskirts of Rome and abandoned industrial sites, are the theater of the works of Mimmo Rubino, aka Rub Kandy. Simple white paint, optical illusions and prospective mechanisms are the ingredients that create a series of stunning anamorphic pictures, striking for their originality and effectiveness. (more…)

Symmeytrical Portraits


The greek philosopher Plotinus said that “Beauty comes from the symmetry of the visible parts, one relative to another, and each in relation to the whole, therefore, the beauty of all beings is their symmetry and their measurement” The work of the photographer Julian Wolkenstein explores this in the Symmeytrical Portraits, a beautiful series of images in which facial proportions and symmetry are the masters. (more…)

Brian Parillo

Taking a cinematic approach, Brian Parillo finds incredible amounts of character in Los Angeles. Shooting at abstract angles, he directs our eyes to captivating geometric shapes. When he shoots up from the ground and into the sky, he gives us a sense of scale, showing us just how magnificent modern architecture can be. (more…)

Photographer Aaron Lindberg


Kansas City-based photographer Aaron Lindberg gives photography a whole new meaning with his perfect blend of creativity and professionalism. “I try to come up with something different each time I shoot,” Lindberg says. “I believe the setting is as important as the person in it.” In these particular shots, he does an excellent job displaying his natural talent by placing his subjects in outrageous situations. (more…)

Photographer Marc Laroche

wpid-marc-laroche01-2011-03-7-08-43.jpg (more…)

Derek Corneau

wpid-5225311783_74a639be66_b-2011-03-4-12-21.jpg (more…)

Bruno Dayan



Dan Tobin Smith


Famous for his recent personal project “letters in space” and for his collaboration with the famous rapper Jay-Z, Dan Tobin Smith is now one of the leading players in the photographic world. What you see below are some of the shots taken from his portfolio. (more…)

Dimitri Daniloff



Inspiration – Photography #7

wpid-lauren-randolph-2011-03-1-04-43.jpeg (more…)

Photographer Nicholas Alan Cope


Extraordinary work by US photographer Nicholas Alan Cope. All his pieces reflect his high taste for details and geometry. Simply beautiful. (more…)

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