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Falko Ohlmer

Very inspiring graphic design work by Falko Ohlmer, Germany. Unique composition and illustration skills. (more…)

MWM Graphics

wpid-mwmgraphics02-2011-03-10-20-04.jpgMatt W. Moore of MWM Graphics (more…)

2011 Best Picture Nominee Posters by Laz Marzquez

wpid-lazmarquez3-2011-03-7-09-04.jpeg (more…)

Pepper Design A.K.A Andrea Berretta


Freelance illustrative designer Andrea Berretta has a great collection of posters and designs with creative hand drawn typography. (more…)

Malika Favre


Discover the work and drawings of the French graphic designer Malika Favre. (more…)

Inspiration – Print

wpid-4a6c2cddda998-2010-12-15-11-55-2011-01-10-14-46.jpg (more…)

What kind of Designer Are You?


Design is a universal language. It transcends all cultural and national boundaries. It is diverse and constantly changing. (more…)

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