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Rossina Bossio



The Holy Beauty Project is a multidisciplinary artist interesting projects of the last Colombian Rossina Bossio. A series of photographic works and video performances inspired by religion, the power of the idealized representations of sacred and profane. (more…)

Mille – Crysteena from Upper First



After their showreel 2010, here is this beautiful production of Upper First for their first music video. Visuals with creative colorful digital projections on dummies for the Swedish electro artist Mille. The graphics become clothes on your body.

See the video after the Jump (more…)

T-Shirt War!!

stop-motion video and very creative. ..
were used 222 t-shirt’s

New identity for the city of Melbourne


Behold the new logo inspired by the city of Melbourne on the glass. .. reflect a modern identity for a city in change. ..

Olympic Pictograms Through the Ages

Designer Steven Heller discusses the evolution of tiny symbols for each Olympic sport since its inception in 1936.

Flash CS5 Tutorial

This tutorial was made for a design project in my University


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