Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

Roll & Mix

Roll & Mix is a multifunctional kitchen roller that splits in two, designed by Marcial Ahsayane of Ahsayane Studio, based in Brussels.
Each half has a different function: one is an oil bottle and the other one is a mortar for grind and mix. Both ends can be threaded together to be used as a roller, therefore performing three functions in one.wpid-roll-and-mix-2-2011-04-24-11-33.jpgwpid-roll-and-mix-4-2011-04-24-11-33.jpgwpid-roll-and-mix-8-2011-04-24-11-33.jpgwpid-roll-and-mix-7-2011-04-24-11-33.jpgwpid-roll-and-mix-6-2011-04-24-11-33.jpgwpid-roll-and-mix-5-2011-04-24-11-33.jpgwpid-roll-and-mix-3-2011-04-24-11-33.jpg


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