Art is not what you see, but what you make others see


Here are some pictures from New York.wpid-img_8788copie-2011-04-24-11-37.jpgwpid-img_8617copie-2011-04-24-11-37.jpgwpid-img_8786copie-2011-04-24-11-37.jpgwpid-img_8474copie-2011-04-24-11-37.jpgwpid-img_9884copie-2011-04-24-11-37.jpgwpid-img_9940copie-2011-04-24-11-37.jpgwpid-img_9846bcopie-2011-04-24-11-37.jpgwpid-img_8264copie-2011-04-24-11-37.jpg


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