Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

Leonardo Fabris


Lotto is a photography project for women, made ​​by photographer Leonardo Fabris. Eight girls are depicted without clothes all in the same pose in an intimate setting. The choice of serial allows you to undo any superstructure so that it remains as the only window on the personality of the subjects that really counts: the expression on their faces. These young Italian women who carry a wide variety of activities in the life: no matter what their profession or their role in society, because it is being itself that exposes women to the difficult challenges in daily testify.wpid-leonardo-fabris03-2011-04-24-11-33.jpgwpid-leonardo-fabris06-2011-04-24-11-33.jpgwpid-leonardo-fabris05-2011-04-24-11-33.jpgwpid-leonardo-fabris04-2011-04-24-11-33.jpgwpid-leonardo-fabris01-2011-04-24-11-33.jpg


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