Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

What is it about abandoned places that draws our interest and opens our imaginations? An empty, disused building simply seems to beckon passers-by, tempting us to step inside and take a look at what happens to structures once humans leave them behind. Photographer Matt Lambros heeds that call, exploring and photographing these mysterious empty spaces. His incredible photographs express all of the history, loneliness and hope that are inherent in abandoned places.wpid-abandoned-theater-2011-04-16-21-11.jpgwpid-abandoned-hospital-4-2011-04-16-21-11.jpgwpid-abandoned-hospital-1-2011-04-16-21-11.jpgwpid-abandoned-theater-5-2011-04-16-21-11.jpgwpid-abandoned-theater-4-2011-04-16-21-11.jpgwpid-abandoned-hospital-5-2011-04-16-21-11.jpg


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