Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

wpid-37632-2011-04-11-01-00.jpgSkerry is an underwater photo-journalist, who works primarily for National Geographic magazine, since 1998. National Geographic lists him among the legendary undersea photographers. Skerry does special assignments all over the world. He has also worked with Jacques Cousteau’s organization. He began by doing shipwreck photography in the waters off of New England Through his relationship with National Geographic he has now shifted to wildlife photography throughout the world. In so doing he has become passionate about sounding the alarm of the decline of the world’s fishing stocks. Brian Skerry has published. His book is entitled Successful Underwater Photography, by Brian Skerry and Howard Hallwpid-68372-2011-04-11-01-00.jpgwpid-29962-2011-04-11-01-00.jpgwpid-11521-2011-04-11-01-00.jpgwpid-36585-2011-04-11-01-00.jpgwpid-68267-2011-04-11-01-00.jpg


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