Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

wpid-5457711044_e5914157cf_z-2011-04-9-02-02.jpgLauren Treece’s polaroids remind me of a foggy dream I once had about a beautiful girl who lived in a magical secret world that can only be visited when your eyes are closed.wpid-5076654083_2bfcf16395_z-2011-04-9-02-02.jpgwpid-5088617324_4e06a3c4f4_z-2011-04-9-02-02.jpgwpid-5414393033_a645e00f08_z-2011-04-9-02-02.jpgwpid-5172794497_33210bfe4f_z-2011-04-9-02-02.jpg


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