Art is not what you see, but what you make others see


“We all know that the surface of our industry beneath us is shifting.” – Marcos Chin

Chin’s not only one of those illustrators that can pull you in with his colorful and rich work, he has a way with words that makes you feel like he’s that wise friend you can always count on for some sound advice.
99% (under Behance) called him “one of the most well known illustrators in North America” but you wouldn’t know it from the way he describes his struggles. Though Chin’s work has been featured in magazines like Time, Rolling Stone and Sports Illustrated, his success has come with hard lessons he had to learn along the way.wpid-marcoschin_10-2011-04-4-01-37.jpgwpid-marcoschin_22-2011-04-4-01-37.jpgwpid-marcoschin_14-2011-04-4-01-37.jpgwpid-marcoschin_13-2011-04-4-01-37.jpgwpid-marcoschin_08-2011-04-4-01-37.jpgwpid-marcoschin_07-2011-04-4-01-37.jpgwpid-marcoschin_04-2011-04-4-01-37.jpgwpid-marcoschin_03-2011-04-4-01-37.jpgwpid-marcoschin_05-2011-04-4-01-37.jpg


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