Art is not what you see, but what you make others see


Renowned photographer Andrew Zuckerman travelled across four countries over a year to photograph the 74 birds which feature in his book, Bird. Using a mobile studio with a huge white background, New Yorker Zuckerman, 32, caught his feathery subjects with a high-definition camera as bird handlers coaxed them in front of his lenswpid-350428-2011-03-13-20-57.jpgwpid-350414-2011-03-13-20-57.jpgwpid-350411-2011-03-13-20-57.jpgwpid-350413-2011-03-13-20-57.jpgwpid-350417-2011-03-13-20-57.jpgwpid-350426-2011-03-13-20-57.jpgwpid-350415-2011-03-13-20-57.jpgwpid-350429-2011-03-13-20-57.jpgwpid-350427-2011-03-13-20-57.jpg


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