Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

Mike Lay

wpid-4996875243_001897fb84_z-2011-03-10-09-33.jpgMike Lay’s drawings are a tripped out mix of native american pixies, mythological beasts, and hipster fashionista vampires. His work is delicate, detailed, psychedelic, and tips its hat at death metal imagery all at once.
It is really an unique stylewpid-5409653786_75ed4c0ff6_z-2011-03-10-09-33.jpgwpid-5471723774_20e00a89e1_z-2011-03-10-09-33.jpgwpid-5492185956_10f108ce7f_z-2011-03-10-09-33.jpgwpid-5483213980_047d2d2408_z-2011-03-10-09-33.jpgwpid-4274852689_e8d03843d7_z-2011-03-10-09-33.jpgwpid-4985625466_00b89ffe5f_z-2011-03-10-09-33.jpgwpid-5322191617_a6692936c1_z-2011-03-10-09-33.jpg


Comments on: "Mike Lay" (1)

  1. Great stuff in here, I see auras, clash of colors inside a person, some feels hard, some feels soft, Dark and Light. Thanks

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