Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

Angela Fraleigh

wpid-the-story-she-told-from-that-time-on640-2011-03-4-12-21.jpgAbstraction and figuration fuse into one in Angela Fraleigh’s fluid paintings. Hands, hair, and thick paint morph, blend, and merge into one another to create rich surfaces full of color, form, and mysterious narrative.wpid-highrez-2011-03-4-12-21.jpgwpid-after640-2011-03-4-12-21.jpgwpid-not-one_2008_72x96_tb-2011-03-4-12-21.jpgwpid-img_6421-2011-03-4-12-21.jpgwpid-untitled-1-2011-03-4-12-21.jpgwpid-ifunderstoodlately640-2011-03-4-12-21.jpg


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