Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

Maya Bloch

Maya Bloch’s emotional figure paintings remind me of a mix between Eva Hesse and Marlene Dumas.wpid-screen-shot-2011-02-03-at-10-25-36-am-2011-02-27-21-12.pngwpid-screen-shot-2011-02-03-at-10-27-54-am-2011-02-27-21-12.pngwpid-screen-shot-2011-02-03-at-10-28-30-am-2011-02-27-21-12.pngwpid-screen-shot-2011-02-03-at-10-27-46-am-2011-02-27-21-12.pngwpid-screen-shot-2011-02-03-at-10-24-32-am-2011-02-27-21-12.pngwpid-screen-shot-2011-02-03-at-10-28-14-am-2011-02-27-21-12.png


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